Under Hypnosis a PTSD Victim Speaks: Was it Criminal Homicide?

A crash survivor under PTSD treatment hypnosis therapy tells shocking precrash details :

Was her husband killed by criminal vehicular homicide? Waage@runbox.com

The crash happened on 11/11/97 on highway 169 in Princeton, Minnesota. The PTSD hypnosis therapy session happened on 31 July 2000.


Dr: Testing, testing, testing
testing, testing. Are you working?
What's happening in that moment Irene?
What's going on? You can speak.

Irene: I don’t feel very happy.

Dr: Yeah. Mhmmm. And where are you?

Irene: In St. Paul Minnesota.

Dr: Oh, yeah.

Irene: Just outside my apartment
in the car.

Dr: Mhmmm. Mhmmm.

Irene: Now he’s gone. (begins to cry)

Dr: That’s all right. Now,
you can let it be there for a moment
and enjoy that special moment.
It’s ok.
Now, Irene, can you let that, just
for the moment, let that sort of
fade into the background.
I’d like you to begin to
allow, allow yourself to move
forward in time and space
just kind of moving forward
to some other time and place
to some happy memory,
and as you approach
that happy memory, that
finger’s going to float up there.
That's right, just floating up there.
to a nice happy memory,
and what’s that, Irene. What’s

Irene: We were in Hawaii.

Dr: Oh, you’re in Hawaii.

Irene: Mhmmm.

Dr: Are you on the beach?
Where are you in Hawaii? Mmm?
And where are you exactly?

Irene: We’re on one of the islands.

Dr: That's right. Isn’t it beautiful?

Irene: Mhmmm.

Dr: Yeah. And it’s nice to know you can
return to that happy memory anytime.

Irene: Mhmmm.

Dr: I want you to kind of let that
fade for a moment right now,
and begin to allow yourself to just
kind of go deeper inside, deeper
inside, deeper. Moving forward
in time and space. Moving forward
in time and space. November, 1997,
Highway 169, traveling south, and ahh
just beginning to review that in
the unconscious mind, just reviewing
it completely. I’d like that unconscious
to begin to review that, signaling yes for the
beginning of that review. It can be reviewed
at an unconscious level. Signaling no
for anything really important that
occurs. Signaling no for anything
really important that occurs.
Reviewing it. That’s right. Signaling
no. Don't want to remember; don’t want to
talk about it, till for the end of the review.
After it’s completely reviewed,
that’s right. Would it be all right
for that to kind of come up into
her conscious mind now so she
can see it clearly. Nice and
clear, would that be ok? Would
it be all right for her to see it nice
and clearly now, in a way that she
can see it from almost from a distance
so she doesn’t have to be, too
upset by it. Would that be ok? Yes?
So she can see it real clear. And
would it be all right for her to begin
to talk about that now? Yes.
And, Irene, would you, what hap, tell me, what’s
happening, kind of see it from a nice
safe distance, what’s happening,
a nice safe distance. What’s happening.

Irene: We’re driving along,

Dr: Mhmmm.

Irene: I’m looking
at the, both sides of the road

Dr: Mhmmm.

Irene: I see the hospital to the left,
and then to the right,
and then I’m, all of a sudden I’m looking straight

Dr: You’re looking straight on.

Irene: and the dump truck is there.
A big truck. And it looks like we’re
coming closer and closer. And then all of a
sudden Clarence turned left.
I was afraid we were going to go down the

Dr: That’s right.

Irene: But then suddenly he turned right.

Dr: Mhmmm.

Irene: Things were moving so fast.

Dr: That’s right. Moving very fast. And what
happens now?

Irene: We were turning right and then there
was just a, I could see ahead and
it was grass on that side.

Dr: Which side?

Irene: On the right side.

Dr: Mhmmm.

Irene: When all of a sudden we
were just sliding.

Dr: You were sliding.

Irene. There was a terrible, terrible
terrible noise. Just like there was something
outside pushing us.

Dr: Mhmmm.

Irene: Just terrible force. Terrible noise.

Dr: What’s the force; what’s the force like?

Irene. It was like a wind, like a wind, or like, I don’t
know, just something pushing us.

Dr: Is it a wind?

Irene: I don’t know. I don’t know.

Dr: Mhmmm. And then what happened?

Irene: And then I heard this, like a car
or something going by, whoosh.

Dr: Mhmmm.

Irene: And I just, I didn’t, neither one
of us said anything but I just, it came to my mind
I just thought why couldn’t that be us going by?

Dr: That’s right. That’s right. I’d like
you to go ahead and allow yourself to
just let that fade into the background for a
moment; let yourself just kind of go
a little deeper, and a little deeper, and
a little deeper. Just kind of allowing
yourself to just sink down deeper and
deeper, and deeper. And let me ask that
unconscious: Is it all right for Irene to
remember this in a kind of slow motion
fashion; would that be all right?
Good. And would it be all right for
her to remember it in a way that
where she can see very clearly,
hear very clearly, that she can really
tune-in to everything around her, in a
way you do when you’re in slow motion.
Would that be all right?
Good. Good. And so let’s allow her to
begin to experience that in a nice safe way, and
in slow motion, allowing everything to happen
nice and slowly, that’s right now, as you
begin to approach that place that yes finger
will signal. That’s right. Good. What
happens, what’s happening, see it like
its in slow motion, looking at every little
detail, and what’s happening. You can
speak, and as you speak you’ll feel
better and better, and what’s happening.

Irene: I just remember it was so relaxing
sitting there in the van just looking from side
to side.

Dr: Mhmmm. Nice and relaxed riding along is that right?

Irene: Mhmmm.

Dr: And then what happened.

Irene: I hadn’t seen the countryside there so,
I remember seeing that hospital.

Dr: Mhmmm. That would be Fairview Hospital; is that right?

Irene: Yes, and then we went a ways and there was just,

Dr: Mhmmm, enjoying the scenery, see it in a nice slow motion.

Irene: And then it was just so sudden that
that truck was in front of us.

Dr: Ahhuh. You see that truck right now don’t you.

Irene: I can’t understand,

Dr: Let that be a nice slow motion, Irene. See it in sort of a
slow motion, did you notice, what color is that truck.

Irene: I didn’t even notice the color.

Dr: You don’t notice what color it is.

Irene: I didn’t notice the color.

Dr: Now what happens?

Irene: It's just a big truck.

Dr: It's a big truck. And as you notice the big truck
then what happens next, in slow motion.

Irene: Then suddenly Clarence was turning left and
I thought we were going to pass.

Dr: You’re turning left, watch it in slow motion,
how far do you go?

Irene: It seemed like, I thought he was going to pass
but he just he went so,

Dr: How far do you go, Irene, how far do you go
as you turn left?

Irene: Well it seemed like we went right to the
edge of the road, and I didn’t know if we were
going to go down that embankment.

Dr: Ok.

Irene: And then suddenly, I could see those other
cars going it looked like that embankment was
so steep.

Dr: So it seemed like you got right to the edge
is that right?

Irene: Ya. ya. It was pretty, really close to the edge,
I don’t know; I know it was,

Dr: And then what happened as you got close
to the edge.

Irene: I know it was, it must have been more than half
way over to the edge, I don’t know.

Dr: Mhmmm.

Irene: And then all of sudden he turned the wheel right.

Dr: He’s turning the wheel to the right now; he’s turning
the wheel to the right. Why? Can you tell?

Irene: I don’t know why he was turning right. And there
it seemed like there we were going at an angle, or, we
weren’t going straight across we were kind of
angling, and I could see the brush on the side
of the road there.

Dr: Mhmmm.

Irene: And I didn’t know if we were going
to go there.

Dr: That’s right.

Irene. And then suddenly, we were slide,
something was pushing us, just a terrible
terrible force, I have never heard such a noise.

Dr: Mhmmm. Its a noise. Is that right?

Irene: Such a, it’s like the wind, like a wind was pushing us,
a terrible, something was either going by or, the whoosh pushed us.

Dr: And can you hear it? Or can you feel it?

Irene: I feel us just going so fast.

Dr: Did you feel it in your body? Did your body react in any

Irene: The van was going so fast and it happened
so fast that all of a sudden everything went black, just

Dr: Black. That’s right.

Irene: I wonder if that was when the seat belts went. I don’t
know, everything went so fast.

Dr: Mhmmm, everything was, eventually just went black didn't

Irene: Mhmmm.

Dr: And you said something about this force. Is there
anything else about the force?

Irene: I don’t know if there was a, one time it
seemed like, I don’t know it was, when we
turned left, and I see, it was like the grill of a big, like a
grill, that I was looking at, a grill of a car or a truck.

Dr: Mhmmm.

Irene: A big grill, I don’t know if it was when
we turned left, or when we turned right.

Dr: Mhmmm.

Irene: It went so fast.

Dr: Mhmmm. Was it a car, or was it a truck grill?

Irene: It was high, big, very big.

Dr: Did it have a color?

Irene: Black.

Dr: Black.

Irene: Black.

Dr: So it was a black grill.

Irene: Mhmmm.

Dr: And you saw that out of your
windshield; or your side window?

Irene: That I don’t know. I don’t know if
if it was the windshield or if it was my
left side, or the right side.

Dr: Mhmmm.

Irene: But I seen that grill.

Dr: Mhmmm. And you felt a force.

Irene: A terrible force, just a terrible

Dr: And the force, did it affect your body?
Did your body move from the force?

Irene: It was like it was pushing us

Dr: Like it was pushing you forward.

Irene: Mhmmm.

Dr: Was something pushing you forward?

Irene: I don’t know.

Dr: Huh.

Irene: I don’t know.

Dr: Mhmmm.

Irene: I don’t understand that, force.

Dr: But it felt like being pushed.

Irene: Pushed.

Dr: Ok.
And then what happened next, Irene?
As you see this in slow motion.

Irene: Everything went so black.

Dr: Mhmmm. And everything's black. And
everything’s black. And then what

Irene: And then I woke up and opened
up my eyes. I looked at Clarence and
it was just black behind the window his
side window.

Dr: It was black behind his window.

Irene: I think we must have been
pushed up into that truck.

Dr: You think you were pushed, into the truck.

Irene: Yeah.

Dr: By, what?

Irene: By that wind.

Dr: By that wind. Ok.

Irene: That force, there was a force there. I
don’t know if it was the force of the car
moving so fast. I don’t know. I don’t know.

Dr: Mhmmm. How did, you said also that you
heard the sound of a whoosh. Can you hear
that whoosh now?

Irene: A terrible sound of the wind and the force and that whoosh like something was going by us.

Dr: Listen carefully to the whoosh, and what’s it sound like Irene.

Irene: It just reminded me of when, it was like a car going by something going by, and that force was just like, sometimes when we drive along and a truck or car, a big truck goes by us, there is such a force sometimes its almost like they could take you with ‘em the wind. When they go by you. I’ve had trucks go by me, when I’ve been driving and its just, almost like that. Like when a truck goes by, and that wind just pushes.

Dr: Those big trucks.

Irene: Those big trucks.

Dr: Those semis.

Irene: The big trucks.

Dr: So that wind sort of felt like that.

Irene: So it could have been like that.

Dr: Is that what the force felt like?

Irene: Well, like it was just pushing us into something.

Dr: Ok. All right.

Irene: It happened so fast.

Dr: Ok. Did anything else happen, that you remember.

Irene: I don’t remember how long we sat there. I don’t remember who came up first.

Dr: Ok.

Irene: I really don’t know.

Dr: Ok.

Irene: And pretty soon a policeman was questioning me.

Dr: Mhmmm.

Irene: Talking, talking. I wanted him to get us out of there and get Clarence out first.

Dr: Mhmmm. All right.

Irene: But I know he asked me if I had my seat belt on and I told him no.

Dr. Mhmmm. Did you have your seat belt on?

Irene: I did have it on. I did have my seat belt on.

Dr: Mhmmm. Why did you tell the policeman no.

Irene: I don’t know, I don’t know why, it was so, everything was such a shock, and I didn’t have it on when he talked to me. I had taken it off; and I don’t know why, I wanted to get those, I just wanted to get out of there and so I thought I had to get those boxes out of there.

Dr: Mhmmm.

Irene: It took all the strength I had to, now, I should have waited, but I just wanted to get out.

Dr: Why, it didn’t do any harm did it?

Irene: No.

Dr: No, of course not.

Irene: But if I had sat there, he would have seen my seat belt on.

Dr: Ok. But you had it on.

Irene I feel bad about that.

Dr: Ok.

Irene: Because I don’t lie.

Dr: No.

Irene: And there I told him no.

Dr: Now, I’m going to ask you to kind of let that sort of fade into the background for the moment. Allow yourself to relax, and become more and more comfortable, I’m going to ask that unconscious to ask these fingers, is that everything that Irene remembers about the accident?

Irene: That’s about it.

Dr: No. No. Let me ask, I want to see what the fingers have to say, get a little more direct connection; is that as much as she remembers in her unconscious mind. Yes. Ok. And also ask, is there a deeper part of her mind that remembers anything else about this accident. Is there any deeper part of her mind that remembers anything else about this accident that would be important.

Irene: Its, thinking about that grill, that grill, thought of that so many times, but I don’t know when, the time I seen that.

Dr: Would it be all right for her to remember a little more about that grill? Would you help her do that now please. Now what comes to mind, just let your, just pay attention to anything that comes to mind now. Anything at all, color, size, any little distinguishing mark, picture, letters.

Irene: Well it was black.

Dr: Its black.

Irene: And its big.

Dr: Its big. And do the lines go up and down or side to side, the lines in the grill.

Irene: I don’t remember.

Dr: You’d know another grill like that if you saw it though wouldn’t you?

Irene: I don’t know. I don’t know.

Dr: Is it a shiny grill or is it a dull grill?

Irene: Dull grill.

Dr: A dull, black, grill.

Irene: Mhmmm.

Dr: Is it the size of a car, or is it the size of one of those large vehicles like a big truck.

Irene: Looked big.

Dr: Ok. Ok. When you looked at it did you look at it straight on or, was it sort of above you?

Irene: Straight on, but it went, was big, it was higher.

Dr: It was higher.

Irene: Mhmmm.

Dr: Ok. Is there anything else that Irene has in her unconscious mind that needs to be looked at.

Irene: Could have been even when we were going sideways, and I seen it there; I don’t remember when. I don’t remember when I saw it; I don’t know, if it was when we turned left, or when he was turning right.

Dr: And are you, the unconscious are you willing to let Irene have more information in the days and weeks ahead as ahh, you know if there is there is anymore to have, are you willing for her to learn more about this. Ok. And ahh is there more information right now that she needs to know.

No. Ok. Umm, and ahh, would it be all right if she begins to feel some relief now, as a result of doing absolutely everything she needs to do in order to understand the, would that be all right?

Yes. Would it be all right if she begins to maybe sleep a little better, feel a little calmer, begin to make a few movements toward becoming more and more her old self. Would that be ok?

Good. Would it be ok if she just began to feel more and more natural and comfortable, by knowing that things are developing as they should now.

Is that all right? Good. Ok. And ahh, take a few moments now, all the time you need to let yourself just become comfortable, begin to (tape runs out)